Below we have listed some of our recommended cleaners and contractors for jobs which may be required at the time when you vacate the property. Below this list we have also provided a guide for you in relation to leaving the property, in order to maximise your bond refund.

General, Carpet, Window, Oven, Blind cleaning and Gardening
Bioffice Pty Ltd
Tel: 0430 647 727/0410 596 368

Small Maintenance
Jarmic Construction
Tel: 0428 611 973

West Coast Property Maintenance
Tel: 0404 133 790

Pest Control/Flea treatments
Westate Pest
Tel: (08) 6365 4800

Vacating Guide

As a guide, we have listed items that will need to be attended to, although the property should match that as stated in the ingoing Property Condition Report, minus fair wear and tear which covers items such as old flaking paint and worn carpet in high traffic areas.

  • Lawns must be mowed, edged, raked, well watered and gardens weeded.
  • Council bins should be emptied and left in a clean state.
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside the property as well as inside.
  • All interior walls washed down with sugar soap, particularly cleaning around light switches and doors.
  • Clean the backs and fronts of all doors, particularly cleaning around the handles and along the sides.
  • Carpets are to be professionally cleaned using a professional carpet cleaner (receipts to be provided when handing back keys). Please vacuum the carpet first for best results.
  • All windows are to be cleaned to the same standard as they were at the lease commencement, as stated in the Property Condition Report.
  • Window tracks and sills should be cleaned.
  • Dust all skirting boards and door frames.
  • Wash all light shades and replace any globes which are blown.
  • Clean shelves and cupboards, pantry, linen press and laundry trough.
  • Wash curtains, dust vertical and venetian blinds.
  • Exhaust fans/range hoods and air conditioning filters to be free of dust and grease.
  • Ovens, stove tops, dishwashers including filters and grills to be cleaned.
  • Shower recess and bathroom tiles to be free of grime and mould.
  • Swimming pools (if applicable) are to be cleaned, filled and chemically balanced.
  • Driveways, verandas and pathways to be swept.
  • Professionally repair any damage you have caused during your tenancy.
  • If you have a pet you must have the property fumigated (receipt to be provided when you hand over the keys).

Please note that this is only a guide and that you should refer to the Property Condition Report which was issued at the commencement of your Tenancy to conclude on how the premises should be left.

Final Bond Inspection

After you’ve vacated the property and all of your personal belongings are removed, you must return all keys to our office. Once we have the keys, the Final Bond Inspection will be carried out. The Final Bond Inspection is usually conducted on the business day after you return your keys to our office. Please note that any Bond refund will not be paid immediately – the Bond Administrator will process after a Bond Disposal form is received and may take up to 14 days to process.